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    Geometric volumes, ZOMES are a family of globally round shapes, small or large, which can be linked together. They lend themselves best to give economic, ecological, aesthetic and harmonious spaces, which can be used for living or as places of meditation, various therapies, martial arts ...
   With their double spiral structure, their agreement with the fundamental numbers and frequencies of the cosmos, the zomes are the seat of waveforms raising the vibrational quality of space and bringing man into resonance with his environment. They induce subtle energies that can be directed to create a zome that is balanced and restful, or stimulating and more dynamic.

    Present in France in all regions, in various European countries, more and more in Latin America, they are found in a few units in the USA and Canada.

Map of zomes by French department

The counting of zomes will not be continued after 2020: the development of calculation methods, and the technical knowledge to build these architectures, mean that many zomes remain and will remain anonymous. Others spread in countries such as those of Latin America, to limit oneself to France would be to show unwanted chauvinism.

NEW (July 2019) and the only one on this subject
La fascinante beauté des ZOMES

A5 format, 176 pages,
   108 color pages presenting more than 300 photos of zomes magnifying their beauty and their diversity around the world, from crystal zomes to zome 15 approaching 200 m2;
    68 pages in black and white with texts, photos, drawings explaining the geometry, how to choose and calculate its zome; and other more philosophical texts on the symbolism of numbers and geometric figures, or on the objective or subtle energies that radiate in these volumes.
    What give pleasure, ideas, and possibilities of creations.

    The unique Festizome event, celebrating 40 years of my discovery of zomes and the beginning of their development in France, marked a milestone and invited me to redirect my interventions within the association "Les Amis des Zomes" .

Discover the images of the Festizome, the feast of the ZOME spirit - that of happiness

Recent Zomes
    Zome 8 of Virginie (Jean concept)         Top of zome 12 (Michaël concept)

What is a ZOME ?


Recent constructions
Meditation zome 
A cascad of zomes

The first zomes
A garden zome

Stars of zomes
Roofing wood shingles

Workshops 2004-2017
Constructions 1977-2007
Constructions 2008-2012