un espace pour les hommes 
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What is a zome?

   A large family of geometric volumes that can be built and which give self-supporting volumes without the need for internal supports. Volumes in which we can live taking advantage of all the space. Beauty of the lines, roundness of the dome, polygonal plan, absence of right angles.
   The ones we build are composed of diamond facets and rest on a flat floor by triangles or vertical walls. We may want a single volume or combine several zomes together to give large areas. Large from the inside, the zomes seem small from the outside and blend into the landscape.
   Their structure, like a skeleton, and the organization of the facets in a balanced form give them an astonishing rigidity, which allows the use of wood of small sections and short lengths. Enveloping structure that can be covered, dressed or filled as desired. This quality and the compactness of the form lead to a serious saving of materials.

Types of zomes

   A zome wears identical diamond crowns and according to this number (4, 5, 6 ... and more) we will speak of zome 4, zome 5, zome 6, ...). We call this the order of the zome. A zome of small dimensions will be satisfied with a low order number (or a small number of facets). Conversely, if you want a large surface zome, you will have to adopt a larger model, so with a large number of facets which will give a more rounded volume.
With this number, other parameters (the more or less pointed shape, the addition of an additional facet area, etc.) can play to give a large variety of volumes responding to the diversity of ground planes or situations .
Qualities of zome spaces

   - the zome offers a beauty of lines in double spirals of a great esthetics, a volume where one breathes. Its round shape frees the imagination.
   - the construction and installation of a zome is fast and does not require specific or expensive tools. The parts and elements built are light and adapted to your strengths.
   - with its static qualities, the organization and the connection of its facets, a zome is anti-seismic: even if with a strong tension or during a violent shock an element breaks, the zome would not suddenly collapse.
   - with its aerodynamic shape, it offers little wind resistance hence less loss.
   - you can easily link several zomes together to obtain large spaces or, from a single volume, add thereafter other volumes (zomes or more conventional spaces).
   - a zome is easy to heat and well suited for cold climates, no angle blocks the internal circulation of air.
   - by a judicious establishment, the organization of spaces and the choice of materials, a zome lends itself to become an ecological and bioclimatic building (in particular, and unlike volumes with rectangular plans, it is not dependent on mono-orientation).

Zome and energy

   A zome is not a neutral architecture but a pure form, dynamic and charged with symbols (rhombus, spirals, ...) which combines the energies of man and the cosmos. It amplifies the etheric body. Various models of zomes have been tested by people competent in geobiology or effects due to forms. It seems that
   - these effects are more important for zomes with high numbers of facets (large number of order)
   - even number zomes are softer
   - the zomes resting on the ground by vertical walls have balanced energies and can be adopted as dwellings
   - odd-order zomes resting on the ground by triangles returning towards the center are more energetic and must be used for temporary occupations. They are well suited as places of creation (design, artistic activities, personal development, therapies, ...)

What will a zome be used for?
   As this is an easy to build space (for the little ones), pleasant, modular and scalable, you can design it for whatever you want: from your dog's kennel, the aviary for your birds, a workshop, a shelter tools or materials, a greenhouse
as additional room
and of course as a full-fledged habitat for older children.