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A little geometry to understand the zome

Polar rhombizonahedrons of revolution
They are volumes

     diamond compounds
     with 2 tops on a dummy axis (the poles)
     possessing a symmetry of revolution in relation to this axis (being identical after the rotation of a certain angle around this axis)



In a crown, the rhombuses are identical.
The summits are located on plans perpendicular to the axis (the levels).
The distance between 2 levels is constant for a given area.

3 parameters determine a precise zome

        * N is the order number (integer from 3)

          The crown number = N - 1 depends on it
          The number of facets per crown = N
          The total number of facets = N * (N - 1)

    ZonaŤdres d'ordres 4, 8 et 12

    * F is the number of form (integer, fractional or irrational number between 0 and infinity)

    The more or less pointed shape of the volume depends on it
    Choosing an order number and a shape number will set the shape of the volume

        number of form of 2, 1 and 0,5

      * A height parameter (or scale factor)
      If the shape is fixed, the choice of a dimension (spine or diameter or height) will determine the size of the volume and that of each of its elements

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