un espace pour les hommes  
  Recent constructions
  Zome 12 (4 couronnes) sur poteaux )

Zome 5 rentrant au nombre d'or
Zome 7 avec murs en Bretagne


A chicken coop

Construction of a zome 7 with walls in Auvergne

Zome 8 and extensions in Haute-Garonne 

Pointed Zome 7 more than 6 m high.
Construction: Michaël, François, Martin, Jean

With a height adapted to the size of a standing man, and a diameter sufficient for him to lie down, this small zome was designed and built in the street by Alexandre to serve as housing for the homeless from downtown San Diego (California).
     But the experiment could not be completed, the municipality having taken the initiative to clean the sidewalks with a karcher thus dislodging all these homeless squatters.
     Alexandre transported the elements of the Tiny Zome to Tourmaline beach, set up the partially covered structure and left it on site as a gift to the beach.

For a zomes village in north California
with the construction of a zome 8 returning from 27 m2 to the ground

Iinnovations exhibited at Festizome 2015:

A zome 8 built by Jérémie (experience zome) without screws or bolts (or other metal parts)

A zome 9 interpreted to resemble the bulb domes; named zome bindu

An almost complete zome 7 (5 and a half crowns out of 6) designed to be placed on the ground or suspended vertically like a nest. Here is the nidzome (here without its floor located on a floor above the lowest level)


Zome 6 reentrant: bed and breakfast

Zome 4 for dry WC

Rehabilitation: slate roofing- Lot

Jocelyne's zome- Lot

Meditation Zome 6 in Asturias

Zome 6 en Rioja '(Espagne) 

Zome 6 with walls in Couserans at 1100 m

Zome10 in the school Rabelais in Chinon

Réalisations: alterhabitat