Zomes et bardeaux de bois

555zome du tarn zome2 dojo cabine epi de faitage bardeau 1
toit de zome ensemble

zome melozome6 fini bardeau 2   His arrivee
bardeau 3

zome de bibe melo
toiturearbres bardeau 4
bardeaux 5


Some materials are suitable for covering the roofs of zomes. Among these, the wooden shingles fully participate in the aesthetics of these forms, while ensuring the desired seal. Changing colors of the patina of wood that evolves over time, which differs depending on the species - Canadian red cedar, larch, chestnut, these are the most used. Gray color more or less pronounced, from silver to black, recent shingles or already well aged, wet or dry roofs, with rainy or sunny days.
This board was composed to translate this beauty and this diversity.