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site of huts, self made housing, fantastic and traditional  architectures
 geodesic domess and zomes: other zomes (revolution) and plans of manufacture (workshops)
 the last site about Zomes
Zome in Ardeche
    Zomes- concept
the site de Yann Lipnick, zomes andt géobiology, 
       Zome 6
The construction of a zome 6
A zomes constructor in Belgium
A constructor of zome 6 
Metalic structure and coverage in cloth
   Heliss  feminine zomes 
zomes and wood
  Blog of D'jeff, 
wood artist
Atelier de la Licorne
Glass zomes
curious and beautiful
Zome experience Balanced Carpentry


Le zome, espace harmonisant
Domus, la maison zome
Le zome du Maine Laffont
Reportage de FR3 sur le zome de Moncaut

Un zome 

Collusive sites     The way of the yurt- Splendid  yurt, tepee, wagoon, zome, ...