alphaZomes    for a human space


Polar rhombizonahedron
Volumes with

  • diamonds
  • 2 summits on an axis (poles)
  • symétriy around this axis


These zonahedra are constituted by crowns of diamonds. In a crown, diamonds are identical. Summits are located on plans perpendicular to axis. The distance between 2 levels is constant for a given zonahedron.

  • N is the number of the zome (an enter from 3)

  •                        Number of crowns                                             = N - 1
                           Number of diamonds in a crown                        = N
                           Total number of diamonds                                 = N * (N - 1)

    Zonahedron  4, 8 and 12

    • F is the form number (enter, fractional or irrational number from 0 to infinity )
    •                                      Of it the more or less pointed form of the volume

      Zonaèdres with form number of 2, 1 et 0,5

      • A scale parameter

      •              Determine the size of the volume and that of each of its elements

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