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Recent constructions

Construction of a zome in Asturias (Spain)

A zome 6 of 20 m2 intended for those which seek an energy place to meditate
or to think of  orientation of their life
or to advance a personal project

Built in internship zome followed with a participative work
July 16th-20th: internship, construction and assembly.
July 22nd-31st: assembly extensions,
 cover of the roofs.
August 1st-31st: boarding of the walls, door and windows, grounds.
September to December: installations interior and outside. 
Photos of internship Photos of participative work

Zome dans les montagnes du Couserans- printemps 2013
Zome manufactured and set up in the Pyrenees at 1100 meters of altitude in 5  days of activities.

 Zomein the Rabelais hight school in Chinon- June 2013

Zome 10 built and assembled by the pupils of second in the park of the Rabelais high school in Chinon, under the direction of Bruno Vergnes, their professor of mechanical engineering.

A space aired to make courses inspired to about thirty  pupils (if the weather allows it).
Zome in Haute-Garonne-  2012-2013
Zome 8 of 62 m2 on the ground with extension of 28 m2 (kitchen, sdb, room)
Greenhous semi external semi interior
Boarding of the walls in fir tree Douglas
Cover of the roofs in shingles bituminized
Insulation out of wood fibres
Underfloor heating with heat pump
Zome in Ardèche- 2012
We accomplished our zome 8 with one friend
It is our first and can be not the last
We are happy with this realization and we make it be of benefit our guests

Older constructions
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