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Steve BAER

Steve Baer, ​​an American engineer, is the inventor of a new dome shape, domes made up of flat geometric facets named zoning. Well, he gave them this name, "zome", with "zo" of zonagonos (or zonaedros) and he "me" of "dome". He built or advised some of them in the 70s, particularly in Drop City and the Lama Foundation, then oriented his company Zomeworks towards the manufacture of solar systems. The design of the zomes being too tied to Steve, it ended in the USA with this different orientation and the abandonment of the construction of these volumes.
After my meeting with Steve in 1975 and reading his work "Zome Primer", I imported this concept into France, developing the calculation methods and accompanying from this time and until today the realization of new zomes.
After the appearance in 2010 of my book "Le zome, vivre sous une belle étoile" ("El zome, living under a beautiful star"), I sent a copy to Steve Baer with whom I was no longer in contact. Here is what he replied:
Dear Jean Soum,
What a wonderful book.  I have never received a more rewarding gift.  Imagine all the things you people have done.  And I just guess what you say since I can't read French.  I can count.  Sometimes 7 symmetry.  Sometimes 12.  How wonderful.
When I recover from this awful stroke my wife and I will come your way (if we may) to visit and see some of these structures.
I had no idea that all this work was taking place, not that I could have helped.
I want to buy 10 copies.  How do I order them?  They are not on Amazon, which has almost everything.
Right now we must re-roof our Zome cluster.  A big challange, it is 38 years old.
Best wishes,
Steve Baer
Zomeworks Corp

The home of Steve Baer and his wife near Albuquerque (New Mexico)

in 1975

    A clusterof original zomes

in 2012, after works