un espace pour les hommes  

Zomes built between 2008 and 2012

Zomes 2012

House ien Haute-Garonne

Holidays house
Vendée Avril 2012

Zome 8 in the Tarn

Zomes 2011

For a dojo (Gironde)

Zome 6 in Corrèze

Zome 8 in Corrèze

An artist's workshop

A zome 6 reentrant
Few new achievements but support for projects and obtaining 5 building permits, including for this magnificent zome

Zome 8 in Tarn

Garden zome

Family house

Zomes 2008
Zome 7 in Picardie
zome 12 en Haute-Garonne
A zome 12
Zome in Estremadura